Extendas and Walnut teamed up for a complete rollover solution

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Extendas and Walnut teamed up for a complete rollover solution
2 July 2020 Ronald Huve

At fuel stations you often see a rollover for washing cars, but only at some of the locations it runs at full speed: about fifteen percent of the customers who come to refuel, also wash their car at that location. A missed opportunity, because it’ s a perfect opportunity to generate more revenue!

Extendas and Walnut have teamed up to offer gas station owners a complete rollover solution. A solution that ensures that your refuelling customer also finds his way to your rollover.

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Petrol stations often already have a large number of customers, which gives you a great database to work from. If a part of your database consist of customers who refuel on account, the step to automatic washing on account is quickly made. Through smart promotions and communication with the customer, you can tempt them to (more often) use the rollover. Walnut has the perfect resources for this.

Hassle because of different financial records? No problem, because through the integration with Extendas products, everything is connected and you will find all finances in your existing back office system.

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If you create an easy experience for customers, they will come back more often and are willing to spend more. The partnership between Extendas and Walnut gives fuel station owners the opportunity to play with loyalty and campaigns. Customers have the ability to:

  • wash their car on account or with a subscription via license plate (via the Walnut license plate camera)
  • purchase washes via the webshop of the petrol station
  • scan these pre-purchased washes or pre-paid vouchers via the QR code scanner of the SPINopc payment terminal
  • pay contactless via the Payter

Thanks to the integration between Extendas and Walnut, fuel station owners can control all activities remotely and keep an eye on fuel sales and washes. You don’t have to worry about the rollover anymore. The link with our SPINpos cash register is also easy to make. With FuelOffice as the driving force behind your administration, all finances are arranged in one place.