SPINpos iPad POS at Hello Carwash

Smooth handling of transactions thanks to the powerful combination of Walnut and Extendas

SPINpos iPad POS at Hello Carwash
11 February 2021 Ronald Huve

Hello Carwash is already using the license plate recognition system from Walnut Loyalty. Given the tight partnership between Walnut and Extendas, opting for the SPINpos iPad POS was a quick and easy choice.

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The checkout kiosk at Hello Carwash contain the SPINbox; a waterproof housing for all peripheral equipment. The checkout kiosks features the SPINpos iPad POS, a wireless pin terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer and a hand scanner. The SPINpos iPad cash register is linked to Walnut Loyalty; their license plate cameras are mounted above the drive in lane and process subscribers and prepaid customers.

All hardware was installed within one day and employees received a short training for the SPINpos cash POS. After this, they could immediately get started with the POS themselves.

In addition to smooth handling of customers, Hello Carwash has also opted for efficiency in administration and finances: thanks to Extendas’ back office system Washoffice, they can manage all relations, products and transaction data in one place.

Hello Carwash SPINpos kassa

View video above for a glimpse of the installation, training and use of the SPINpos iPad POS combined with Walnut’s license plate cameras.