SPIN platform

Control on loyalty, cash registers, invoicing, suppliers and much more

Social Petrol INtelligence is an innovative and intelligent cloud platform with which you can connect all software and hardware on your forecourt and in the shop and safely share data with, for example, head office, third parties in the industry or with your customer!

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Thanks to the open system (APIs) it’s possible to link directly to all kinds of software and / or hardware from third parties and suppliers in the field of food and non-food.

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Focus on customer

Determine customer promotions based on purchasing behavior, get to know your customer again and make fueling up and washing fun again.

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Real time

Real time insight into all transactions, discounts, invoices (and much more) within your fuel station, bakery, shop and car wash.

Fuel card management and e-Invoicing

With the SPIN module FuelPass your customers can request and block their fuel cards online, view digital invoices (e-Invoicing) and view transactions. The invoices are sent as a PDF via email by default. Invoices can also be offered in UBL format, which drastically reduces the number of operations to process the document. The UBL invoices can easily be digitally read into your client’s accounting software.

Connection with back office

SPIN connects seamlessly with the back office system of your fuel station. It forms an integral part of FuelOffice, the powerful ERP system for the petrol industry. FuelOffice brings all the links in your business chain together in one comprehensive software package: from customer to supplier, from cashier to financial director, from fuel card to personalized offers.

Both at the fuel station (BOS) and at the head office (HOS) everyone works based on the same data and all processes are always aligned.


By connecting iBeacons to SPIN Loyalty, micro location based shopping becomes possible in your shop. This technology is able to determine the exact location of a customer, for example near the shelves of the magazines. Based on the location, the system then sends a relevant offer which the customer receives on his/her smartphone. For example a free bar of chocolate with the purchase of a newspaper.