Self ordering kiosk

Convenience and service when ordering, paying and managing

Make your bakery or petrol shop irresistible! Current market conditions require innovation in all kinds of areas, an important one is the ordering process. Convenience and service via a self ordering kiosk is a future-proof solution that perfectly responds to the needs and expectations of visitors to your service station. Not only for ordering and paying, but also for managing and administration.

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Contactless payment

Easy and quick checkout

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The self ordering kiosk will always ask for options

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Back office

Your administration managed directly through an interface with your backoffice system


Your back office is the place where you manage your product range and you keep track of turnover and transactions. If this is the tool that holds all the data, then you would want the self ordering kiosk to also run on this data and that transaction data is processed in real time, right? Thanks to the (SPIN) connection between the self ordering kiosk and FuelOffice, this is all taken care of automatically. All control takes place from FuelOffice, so this prevents double work in creating products in the self ordering kiosk or having to wait a day until you can check transactions and turnover.

Extra benefit: SPIN also makes it possible to connect all kinds of other devices in your shop, forecourt or car wash/rollover to your back office. Do you have a SPINopt/SPINopc payment terminal at the pumps or car wash, a Payter terminal at your coffee machine or an iPad pos in your shop? The management of these devices and overview of transactions can all be managed through one user-friendly environment.

Manage your products in your back office

Monitor all your transactions in real time

Your administration is always sorted

Connect your pos or payment terminal to the SPIN backend

Orderkiosk Extendas De Digitale


De Digitale is already a well-known supplier for many service stations in the field of narrowcasting, for example for menu screens at bakery’s. Extendas and De Digitale have joined forces to offer a complete solution around the self ordering kiosk.


Do you want to be able to analyze all your transaction data from various pos, payment terminals and self ordering kiosks in a clear and consistent way? Make strategic decisions based on your data via the Dashboard module within FuelOffice. No more gut feeling, but making decisions based on substantiation.

Ask us about the possibilities.