Extendas nominated for Computable Awards

Extendas nominated for Computable Awards
3 October 2019 Ronald Huve

Our platform SPIN (Social Petrol Intelligence) is one of the contenders for the Computable Awards 2019. This prize is awarded to companies, projects or people who have distinguished themselves last year, of course we are very proud of that!

Thanks to the combination of our smart iPad cash register (SPINpos) and the SPIN platform, fuel station, bakery, shop and car wash entrepreneurs gain insight into customer behavior. In addition, the platform can be connected to many other devices and applications at each location, this facilitates control and overview. Connecting devices are for example, license plate cameras, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, etc.

Categorie SaaS-leverancier

In 2019, Computable will present the Computable Awards for the 14th time in a row. This year, Extendas has been nominated in the SaaS supplier category, voting is still possible until 6 October via: https://awards.computable.nl/vote/22/extendas

For more information about the awards, visit (Dutch only): https://www.computable.nl/artikel/informatie/awards-nieuws/1920144/1853296/award-categorieen-winnaars.html

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