From rollover to green gas location

Extendas delivers her products at various organisation

Extendas delivers: SPINopc, SPINopt and SPINpos
1 May 2020 Ronald Huve

Did you know that our installations can usually be executed as planned during these challenging times? In recent weeks, for example, we have delivered 2 SPINpos iPad cash registers, a SPINopc and a SPINopt payment terminal. All in collaboration with our partner Mokobouw.


At fuel station Suntjens in Herkenbosch all fuel transactions are handled at the SPINpos. The cash register is the designated device for 16 fuel positions.

SPINpos bij Suntjens


Extendas SPINopt betaalautomaat bij OrangeGas Oosterwolde

Our SPINopt was delivered to OrangeGas in Oosterwolde. This payment terminal is the third in a series of a total of eight SPINopts that will be placed at OrangeGas locations in the coming months.


The Reijnen brothers at Esso Bergen recently started using our complete SPINopc car wash rollover solution. Customers can buy a wash directly from the SPINopt payment terminal or buy one in the shop (SPINpos) and scan the receipt with QR code on the payment terminal.
Thanks to the connected license plate camera, customers can also wash on a subscription basis. They receive a monthly invoice, which is collected via our FuelPass solution.

SPINopc betaalautomaat bij rollover Esso Bergen


Haarhuis bakery SPINpos iPad kassa

At Tankservice Haarhuis, the SPINpos iPad cash register provides a faster service for customers at the bakery. The product assortment is managed in Extendas Fueloffice and synchronized in real time with the SPINpos. Sales are processed in FuelOffice.