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voor de petrolmarkt


Videos on FuelOffice and the SPIN platform

The involvement of ERP supplier Extendas in innovative products for the petrol market is varied: an overview of videos on this subject

SPIN Loyalty App

The video below shows the process behind the Social Petrol INtelligence platform. We follow a customer from his front door, via the loyalty app, to the checkout in the forecourt shop. Then the fun really begins, with personalised customer offers and valuable information for the forecourt shop owner.


SPIN in 1 minute

How to make petrol station customers special offers that they really appreciate. SPIN is the platform that connects the petrol market with its customers. View the English-language animated film in which we explain, in just over a minute, the concept behind the Social Petrol INtelligence platform.


Increasing magazine sales efficiency

Petrol station owners are saddled with a lot of unnecessary administration when selling magazines. The FuelOffice software system can significantly reduce this workload. Controller Evert Spans from Extendas and a forecourt shop manager explain how this works in this Government video.


Electronic shelf cards

The news programme Editie NL reports on electronic shelf cards in petrol stations and supermarkets. The shelf cards can entice consumers to buy fresh produce which the shopkeeper would otherwise have to throw away unsold. We hear from the shop manager of De Lucht West petrol station, a consultant from Capgemini and two supermarket experts. The system shown is the Extendas Social Petrol INtelligence (SPIN) platform.