Extendas FuelOffice

Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt


Online help for users of the Extendas back office products

The Extendas helpdesk offers online support. With remote support you watch while our operator explains functions on your computer or solves problems

Extendas clients can contact our helpdesk in the event of questions about the functioning of the systems. The helpdesk is staffed by skilled, solution-oriented specialists. They provide answers to questions and do troubleshooting. They also help with manuals, updates and tools.

Remote support

The staff at our helpdesk mainly offer online support. They do so via remote support sessions, where they take over your desktop with your consent. With remote support, you can watch how the helpdesk operator explains functions on your computer or solves problems. For this service you will need to Download TeamViewer (Windows) or TeamViewer (Mac)

The help desk also uses remote support sessions to explain new modules in the FuelOffice back office system.

Manuals and tools

Extendas offers online manuals and tools for the most commonly used components of FuelOffice. These provide simple instructions on how, for example, to go through the steps of an update.

The help desk also handles Extendas training sessions for users of FuelOffice, FuelPortal and the SPIN platform. Our consultants usually organise meetings at your offices, with the key users present. Sometimes the training sessions are online. For this the programme Team Viewer is used.

You can reach our helpdesk specialists via e-mail. They are available on weekdays from 08:30 to 17:00. In the vast majority of cases they can answer the questions themselves and within a short time. Where necessary, they work together with partner companies responsible for hardware, software or processes outside the scope of Extendas.

You can reach the helpdesk via email at helpdesk@extendas.com