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SPIN Loyalty

Develop tailor-made loyalty programmes with SPIN

Petrol station owners can now develop unique loyalty programmes with SPIN Loyalty. Use customer apps and local fuel cards to retain your loyal customers

At last! Engage with your customer

Develop tailor-made loyalty programmes with SPIN loyalty. Customised loyalty programs are a great way to increase customer loyalty. The more relevant the points-saving campaign, the greater the likelihood that the customer wants to go out of their way to be part of it.

SPIN Loyalty is an important part of the brand new Social Petrol Intelligence Platform (SPIN). It is an innovative software platform that allows you to link valuable customer data to the back office. SPIN completes the chain between your suppliers, petrol stations and the customer. At Last! Although the electronic linking of all participants in the market with petrol stations is now well advanced, the most important link was still missing: the link to the customer in the shop.

Now you can offer every customer an individual system for points saving, retrieval and payment. A system that best meets the client’s requirements. Based on data from previous visits to your shop. Or even on the basis of your customer’s activities on social media – if he agrees.

You can also develop a joint loyalty programme together with other businesses, via the linked FuelPortal cloud portal. Such programmes ensure repeat business and secure a component of your turnover.

Loyalty via an app

One of the components of SPIN is the mobile app, which customers can download to their smartphone. An appealing, contemporary and easy-to-use app can even help your business reach Generation Y! Young people use smartphones in everything they do, and expect the same when dealing with your company. They are open to mobile apps that bring them benefits.

This innovative platform offers new opportunities to establish contact with the new generation of customers. The app can be used to make attractive customer offers which increase forecourt shop traffic and stimulate sales, at the times you select. This can be done by means of a smart linking of the app with inventory information and sales history in the back office system.

Customers then receive personalised offers via the app, which are exclusive to the recipient. Once in the shop, the customer displays the offer’s QR code at the checkout. The employee will scan the code, fulfil the offer and set it off against any other purchases. Every cash register transaction is recorded directly in FuelPortal – the cloud service that simplifies business by providing petrol station owners with relevant information.

Loyalty at the car wash, at the bakery or anywhere else!

SPIN offers endless possibilities. For example a discount on a car wash. A customer’s smartphone, for instance, could display an offer of twelve car washes for the price of ten. Or you can send customers a discount offer for using the carwash in off-peak hours.

The bakery also provides many opportunities for SPIN Loyalty. A customer who often buys sandwiches could, for example, receive a ‘sandwich of the week’ offer on entering the forecourt. The app can recognise individual customers on the station premises. This is made possible by new techniques such as GeoFencing, iBeacons and Google.

Loyalty via locally issued fuel cards

SPIN Loyalty can also be applied in combination with fuel cards. The platform integrates seamlessly with the FuelOffice Local Card back office module. This allows you to issue and manage your own customer cards. The advantage is customer loyalty and insight into valuable customer information.

The FuelOffice Local Card module processes card operations in your financial administration. The module links card and cardholder data with the sales information system.