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Social Intelligence

Make personalised offers with Extendas SPIN

The Extendas SPIN platform enables you to establish smart links to the back office, customer apps and social media. This allows you to make personalised offers to your customers

It’s never been so easy to make personalised offers to your customers. Smart linking of the Extendas SPIN platform, the iPad POS checkout system and the mobile customer app creates previously unheard of opportunities.

Customer profiles – the foundation of every loyalty concept

The process begins with building customer profiles. The customer app provides a good example of how this happens. Every time an app user uses a promotional code at a petrol station his or her profile is further enriched.

A customer can also link his Facebook account to the app, perhaps in exchange for an incentive. It is then possible to collect profile information via Facebook, in addition to the normal customer information, and to use the customer’s social media network for marketing purposes.

You can easily combine this newly-obtained information with existing information from the back office system of the petrol station. The new insights can be used for further optimisation of business processes.