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Send location-dependent deals to customers in your tank shop

iBeacons enables the SPIN POS platform in the forecourt shop to determine the exact physical location of a customer and then sends location-dependent offers to his smartphone

What could be better than a keen offer, delivered at the exact moment that you pass the display of promoted products? With iBeacons, it’s possible. A promising innovation that can link to the SPIN POS platform. It involves small transmitters which you can place at strategic points in the forecourt shop and which send information to nearby smartphones.

iBeacons enable micro location based shopping. With this new technology the platform can determine the exact location of a customer in the forecourt shop – for example ‘near the magazine display’. Based on this location the system will then send the customer an interesting offer via his smartphone. For instance, a promotion in which he gets a free candy bar when buying this week’s Elsevier magazine.

iBeacons technology is available on newer iPhones and Android smartphones and can already to be used in combination with the Extendas SPIN POS platform.

The SPIN platform consists of a simple Loyalty App for loyal customers, an innovative iPad checkout (POS) in the forecourt shop and a real-time link to the back end system.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) iBeacon