Extendas FuelOffice

Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt


Extendas offers customised solutions in addition to the standard FuelOffice back office system

Sometimes the extensive standard functionalities of Extendas FuelOffice are not sufficient. In such cases you can call on our experts for customisation

The standard functionalities of Extendas FuelOffice offer numerous options to streamline the administrative, logistical and financial aspects of your organisation. However, you may still have requirements that are not met by the standard system. In such cases you can call on our experts for customisation.

The experts at Extendas are skilled in developing customised solutions that meet your specific needs. They can, for instance, adapt the layout of the invoices you generate via the back office system. They also build solutions that enable FuelOffice to communicate with existing loyalty systems as contained in the payfile of the checkout. And they ensure that information that originates outside the back office system is properly processed.

It could be that your customisation requirements are shared by many in the marketplace. In such a case Extendas will take up the functionality as standard, so that it is available to all clients. You then pay only the unit price for this new module – and not for its development. This sharing only takes place, of course, with your agreement.