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Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt


Extendas services

Extendas, the company behind the revolutionary Fuel Office ERP system and FuelPortal cloud platform, helps petrol station owners and oil dealers to simplify their administrative, financial and logistical management.

Our experts will be pleased to help you. They provide the following services:


The Extendas consultants are happy to visit you to help you identify your requirements, find out how current processes and systems are set up and advise you on improvements. They also give demonstrations of the Extendas solutions. Our consultants also do the technical installation and implementation of new modules.
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Extendas’s experts give regular training sessions to organisations for which FuelOffice and FuelPortal are new. This training is designed to teach users how to use the applications. The training sessions are usually held at your location.
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The experts at Extendas are skilled in developing customised solutions that meet your, specific needs. This may vary from layout adjustments to links with existing loyalty systems and the processing of information from outside the back office system.
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Next to this broad portfolio of services Extendas also offers the following revolutionary solutions Backoffice ProductsApp development en Cloud Solutions.