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SPINpos iPad cash

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Discover the convenience and flexibility

of the iPad cash register in your fuel station

SPINpos iPad cash register

Fuel transactions on an iPad

Our iPad cash register was already able to handle checkout processes for products in the shop and car wash, but for fuel transactions it was still necessary to use the traditional cash register. This has now changed. All transactions can now be handled at any fuel station thanks to the internationally certified solution from Extendas.



Thanks to the open system (API’s), it´s very easy to connect to various software and/or hardware from external suppliers in food and non-food.

Focus on customer

Focus on customer

Setup promotions based on purchase behavior at the fuel pump and in the shop, get to know your client again and create a great experience for your customer every time they fuel up.

No more surprises

No more surprises

Don’t get caught off guard anymore by unexpected costs. Due to our SaaS (Software as a Service) and if required also our HaaS (Hardware as a Service) pricing model you are all set. You pay a fixed monthly fee for both the cash register and service.



Mokobouw is our trusted partner for installing, maintaining and providing support for the iPad cash register. They are a houdehold name within their industry with a nationwide installation and service network.



Our systems safety is quite high thanks to the tested (and proven) technology from Apple. Updates are supplied on a regular basis and can be done quick and easy with just the click of a button.

User friendly

User friendly

Due to the fact that our POS is avaliable on an Apple iPad, makes it a very intuitive, user friendly and accessable device. The iPad cash register can also be used offline.

Future proof

Future proof

Currently, the solution of the iPad cash register already contains the most up-to-date technical functionalities. But also in the near future we aim to keep on providing out clients the latest technologies and applications.



Unlike traditional cash registers, the iPad cash register is able to send real time transaction data to the SPIN cloud platform. This allows you to get real time insights in all transactions within a fuel station.

SPIN cloud platform

The iPad cash register is an important part of the SPIN cloud platform. This online platform is a central hub where all data flows come together. It also manages connections to fuel station devices (pumps, tank measuring systems, price signs, etc.), software systems (HOS, BOS, POS, webshops, loyalty, etc.) and the market.

In addition, the platform also provides the following online functionalities:

  • Fuel card management system
  • Loyalty- and marketing environment
  • Electronic invoice system
  • Various connections to e.g. HOS and BOS systems (including FuelOffice from extendas)
  • Omni channel- and webshop management, allows you to sell to clients who are not in your shop or fuel station

Read more about the SPIN cloud platform


Lower your costs and risks

Compared to a traditional cash register, the costs for an iPad cash register are significantly lower. This is possible becuase the system is ‘asset light’. Fuel station, carwash and shop owners need less complex hardware compared to the traditional cash register. No more unexpected costs due to our pricing model; for a fixed mothly fee you are provided with (an) iPad cash register(s), the software and service & maintanance.

Having the software and/or hardware as a service provided to you, risks are significantly lowered for your business. After all, we are the one who make sure your iPad cash register works at its best in your shop, carwash and/or fuel station.


User friendly and fast

The iPad cash register from Extendas is already used on over 75 locations thoughout The Netherlands, at bakeries, car washes and fuel stations. Its user friendly and intuitive nature has already proven itself there. The screen is easy to read and operate because of the large buttons. Employees are able to see relevant product information as soon as a product has been scanned.

Updates can be executed quick and easy by the employees themselves, no need to have coslty maintanance teams come over. Just simply download and install the latest version form the Apple App store. In case you or your employees need help with anything, together with the Mokobouw team we are available to help you.


Your new cash register

The iPad cash register can be supplied to you in our recommended casing. This casing gives you the following benefits:

  • Safe, thanks to the option of attaching the casing to the counter
  • Match your brand or shop look with a colored casing! Available colors are: red, green, yellow, blue, pink, black, grey and white. For an additional fee, your casing can be supplied in any RAL color
  • No cables or wires, the charger is hidden within the casing for an elegant look
  • The screen kan be turned and tilted

Changing is quick and easy

We make sure the transition to the SPINpos iPad cash register is smooth, this won’t affect your daily activities for your business.


Choose the amount of cash registers you would like to have replaced by an SPINpos iPad cash register


Select the amount of iPad casings and colors, printing your own logo on it is also possible


We’ll come over and install the SPINpos iPad cash registers and other optional hardware

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Frequently asked questions

Is my forecourt controller suitable for the Extendas iPad cash register?

In most cases the forecourt controller needs to be replaced by the DOMS PSS5000 forecourt controller to be able to use the iPad cash register. Replacing the forecourt controller is a quick job with big benefits; with the new forecourt controller and iPad cash register you can control all hardware in your forecourt.

Is the iPad cash register certified for handling transactions for fuels?

Yes, the iPad cash register is internationally certified for handling transactions for fuels.

When will the iPad cash register be avaliable?

You can get one today. Contact our office for options regarding delivery and installation, dial +31 88 39 83 632.

Is it possible to use the iPad cash register I have in my bakery for fuel transactions?

Yes, it’s possible to use your existing Etendas iPad cash register for any purpose in your business, this can be bakery, car wash or fuel transactions. In case you decide to use your existing iPad cash register for fuel transactions, we would have to replace the software on the iPad and check if our service terms are still up to date.

Do my employees need training in using the iPad cash register?

We offer courses in using the iPad cash register, but in general employees don’t need it. The iPad is a well known device and people already know how to use it.

Is it possible to have a logo printed on the casing?

Yes, this is possible. For an additional fee the casing can also be supplied to you in any given RAL color. In case you don’t want to have your logo on it, the casing wil have a Extendas logo by default.

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