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iPad POS System

iPad POS system

SPIN iPad POS turns an iPad into a complete petrol Point Of Sale system. It enables petrol station purchases in cash or via debit card, credit card or fuel card

SPIN iPad POS is a revolutionary cash register that works via an iPad. This easy-to-install Point Of Sale system carries important benefits for both small and large petrol stations. You can, for example, use it for handling transactions at the bakery, the carwash or at unmanned stations within a shop. The cost of this system is significantly lower than that of a regular POS system. Operation is also simpler than with most other systems.

The secure POS system is an important part of the Extendas SPIN platform. It consists of a simple loyalty app for loyal customers, an innovative iPad Point Of Sale (POS) in the forecourt shop and a real-time link to the back office system. The SPIN platform gives you more information on what a customer buys, how often he visits your petrol station and his average spending amount.

SPIN iPad POS turns the iPad into a complete POS system for payments in cash or via debit card, credit card or fuel card. The shop assistant can use the screen to record customer transactions, print receipts and open the cash register drawer. The screen can be customised to reflect your products or services, such as a car wash. The iPad is also connected to the back office system so that it can, for example, automatically update inventory records. It also offers direct, real-time access to forecourt shop sales figures. Should the internet connection fail, this is not a problem. The iPad POS system synchronises the data instantly, as soon as it is back online.

SPIN Loyalty: tailor-made points-saving programmes

The iPad POS is linked to the SPIN loyalty system. Now you can offer every customer an individual system for points saving, retrieval and payment. A system that best meets the client’s requirements. Based on data from previous visits to your shop. Or even on the basis of your customer’s activities on social media – if he agrees.

The SPIN platform can also access the social media network of the customer, but only with the customer’s consent. This makes it possible to make offers or conduct marketing campaigns based on customer profile information. A Facebook profile, for example, provides the age and sex of the customer and the petrol station he or she visits. It also provides information on his or her ‘likes’.

Optimum protection using smart technology

For payment transaction traffic the SPIN Point Of Sale uses iPad POS secure and encrypted connections. Misuse of fuel cards is impossible as a result of a clever combination of software encryption and a PIN code for the card. Online verification of every transaction is done by the hosts, CCV and Oase/Tokheim. The system performs real-time checks, for instance on whether a card has been blocked. Payment traffic and customer cards processes are ISO-certified.

SPIN iPad POS has numerous applications

  • Customer payments (cash, debit, credit card, petrol card)
  • Printing cash receipts, emailing and texting
  • Opening cash register drawer
  • Write cash register transactions to your back-office system and FuelPortal cloud platform
  • Link with current Atos and CCV pin terminals
  • Link to your local card (locally-issued fuel cards)
  • Bar code scanning
  • Issue of prepaid vouchers
  • Issue of coupons and promotion codes
  • Redemption of promotional vouchers, discount coupons and savings stamps via Extra Payment Modes (EPM)
  • Mutiple employees and shifts via the same iPad POS
  • Customer Identification
  • Connect to iBeacons to micro location-based shopping