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voor de petrolmarkt


Your and your customers’ data is safe in the SPIN POS and back office systems

Your and your customers’ data is safe – in our innovative SPIN POS system, in the FuelOffice back office system and in the FuelPortal cloud service.

Your and your customers’ data are secure. The SPIN POS system, the underlying FuelOffice back office system and the FuelPortal cloud portal are focused on optimum confidentiality of the data used. The electronic link between the systems therefore takes place entirely via secure connections. Cloud platform data is encrypted in our secure servers. And these are located in the Netherlands. All business processes and the entire IT infrastructure are subject to strict Dutch and European rules on the protection of personal data.

The versatile back office system uses third-party data to deliver customised services only with explicit consent. This applies to, among other things, the mobile customer app, to any link with social media such as Facebook, and to the use of location services based on GPS, GeoFencing, Wi-Fi and iBeacons in the forecourt shop.

The SPIN POS checkout system also uses secured and encrypted connections for transaction information. Misuse of fuel cards is impossible as a result of a clever combination of software encryption and a PIN code for the card. In addition, online verification of every transaction is done by the hosts, CCV and Oase/Tokheim. The system performs real-time checks on whether a card has been blocked. Payment traffic and customer card processes are ISO certified.

The SPIN POS platform consists of a simple Loyalty App for loyal customers, a convenient iPad checkout (POS) in the forecourt shop and a real-time link to the back end system.