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Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt

Social Petrol Intelligence

SPIN turns your customer into the most important link in the chain

Social Petrol INtelligence is an innovative software platform that allows you to link valuable customer data to the back office.

The platform completes the chain between your suppliers, petrol stations and the customer. At last! Because, although the electronic link between all participants in the market and petrol stations is now well regulated, the most important link is still missing: the link to the customer in the shop.

Extendas SPIN consists of a loyalty app for loyal customers, an innovative iPad checkout (POS) in the forecourt shop and a real-time link to the SPIN host and back office system.

The SPIN platform is a good example of progress through innovation. The combination of trusted back office technology, mobile applications and social media makes you stand out from your competitors. We know that innovation is crucial to petrol station owners. Margins are becoming smaller and so you are looking for new channels to reach your customers in new ways – and to attract and retain them. Multi-channel is the magic word. This starts with your customer’s smartphone and culminates in repeat visits to your forecourt shop.

FuelOffice: ERP for the petrol market

SPIN links seamlessly with the back office of your petrol station. It forms an integral part of FuelOffice, the powerful ERP system for the petrol market. FuelOffice Retail brings all the relationships and transactions in the petrol market into one, convenient software package: from customer to supplier, from cashier to financial director, from petrol card to personalised offers. Both within and outside your organisation everyone works on the basis of the same data and all processes are coordinated.

FuelPortal: your well-organised chain, in the cloud

SPIN also meshes perfectly with the FuelPortal cloud portal. This externally hosted software layer simplifies the many links between your back office environment and third parties, such as the wholesale trade, oil company, trade association and benchmark agencies. It optimises data security and solves any local connection problems. FuelPortal also offers an online customer login designed to reflect the look & feel of your organisation. Petrol card holders can use it, for instance, to view their e-invoices.

SPIN Loyalty: a great way to increase customer loyalty

SPIN Loyalty is an important part of the SPIN platform. It enables the development of tailor-made loyalty programmes. Customised loyalty programmes are a great way to increase customer loyalty. The more relevant the points saving campaign, the greater the likelihood that customers will want to go out of their way to earn them.

SPIN Loyalty includes a mobile app, with enables your customers to receive personalised offers on their smartphone. You can also use the loyalty system in combination with petrol cards, which can be issued and managed in-house.

SPIN iPad POS: the revolutionary cloud POS system

iPad POS is another innovation within the SPIN platform. This is a revolutionary cloud checkout system that works via an iPad. iPad POS is linked to the SPIN Loyalty System and the back office of FuelOffice. This easy-to-install POS system is a godsend for small and large petrol stations. You can, for example, use it for handling transactions at the bakery or car wash.

iBeacons for micro location-based shopping

iBeacons connected to SPIN Loyalty make micro location-based shopping possible in the forecourt shop. With this new technology the platform can determine the exact location of a customer – for example ‘near the magazine display’. Based on this location the system will then send the customer an interesting offer via his smartphone, such as a promotion in which he gets a free candy bar when buying this week’s Elsevier magazine.

Extendas: innovative software gives you greater efficiency

The SPIDER platform is the latest innovation from Extendas Online Informatica, a software company which has dedicated itself fully to the petrol market since 2001. Hundreds of petrol stations and various oil companies use modern technology from Extendas.

Extendas solutions enable reduction of the administrative load, increased operational efficiency, electronic chain integration and better service delivery. This ultimately leads to greater margins, more sales and increased customer loyalty.

Apart from the SPIN platform Extendas has also developed FuelOffice, the widely-used back office system, and the FuelPortal cloud platform. The company also builds interactive websites and mobile apps for its clients in the petrol market – for example as a supplement to a loyalty programme or to improve collaboration within the client organisation. Extendas also offers various services in the field of consultancy, training and the help desk.

Privacy: your and your customers’ information is secure

The SPIN platform, the underlying FuelOffice back office system and the FuelPortal cloud portal are focused on the confidentiality of the data used. The electronic link between the systems therefore takes place entirely via secure connections. The versatile back office system uses third-party data to deliver customised services only with your explicit consent.

The SPIN checkout system also uses iPad POS secured and encrypted connections for transaction information. Misuse of petrol cards is impossible as a result of a clever combination of software encryption and a PIN code for the card.