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Ensure that your petrol station profits from chain integration via the cloud

The FuelPortal cloud platform reduces the number of links between your local back office system and third parties. It is ideal for chain integration

As a petrol station owner you benefit directly from FuelPortal. The innovative cloud platform drastically reduces the number of links between your local back office system and third parties. Your local system has a single, optimally-secured link to FuelPortal. From there, the platform connects with organisations such as the wholesale trade, oil company, trade association and benchmark agencies. This means that your data transfer is extremely secure. It also addresses any local connection problems.

FuelPortal can be viewed as an indispensable extension of FuelOffice, the leading ERP system for the petrol market. Together the two systems make for a significant simplification of your administrative and logistical processes.

Chain integration

The multitude of external links mean that FuelOffice and FuelPortal are ideal for chain integration. The systems communicate seamlessly with the following suppliers: Lekkerland, Sligro, DeliXL, NewCo, SSC, Nedac Sorbo en HAVI Logistics. The systems exchange a variety of information with these parties to simplify your work. This is the only petrol market back office system that integrates with so many wholesale chains.

As a result supplier prices, product descriptions and bar codes appear automatically in the system. The platform sends new orders electronically to the wholesaler, linking them with the packing slips and purchase invoices that are later entered into the system. Any discrepancies in deliveries are communicated by FuelOffice, via FuelPortal, to the supplier – who then submits a credit note via the system.

The industry organisation, BOVAG, also uses FuelPortal to collect shop data from its members for benchmarking purposes. Bovag has developed a forecourt shop dashboard, in collaboration with the Foodstep market research agency, which retrieves data from the FuelOffice database via FuelPortal. The dashboard provides petrol station owners with information on the performance of individual product groups by comparing weekly turnovers with those of their competitors.

Wholesaler Lekkerland offers its customers online access to aggregated data from back-office systems via FuelPortal. ‘Lekker op weg’ is an application participating petrol stations can use to improve their performance by means of a simple store check and online advice.