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Data Security

Optimal data security with the FuelPortal cloud platform

FuelPortal removes petrol station owners’ concerns about data security; web environment, data transfer and data sharing are optimally secured

We understand that your company data and customer data are sacred. The data cannot end up in the hands of unauthorised persons under any circumstances. The FuelPortal cloud platform removes all concerns in this regard.

The service and database are safely housed at an ISP which works according to the ISO 27001 standard. This is the highest certification for information security. This gives you a hard guarantee that the hosting of the web environment takes place in a safe and well-managed environment.

Data transfer via FuelPortal is also extremely secure. The cloud platform drastically reduces the number of links between your local back office system and third parties. Your local system has a single, optimally-secured link to FuelPortal.

Chain integrated, but protected

The multitude of external links means that FuelOffice and FuelPortal are ideal for chain integration. The systems communicate seamlessly with countless suppliers and other parties. Here, too, the security of your company data and customer data is guaranteed. Encryption of external links is standard

Your explicit permission is required, in advance, for sharing retail data for benchmark purposes. You will often be able to provide such data anonymously, so that competitors cannot trace it, while you nevertheless obtain valuable benchmark insights in return. Examples of benchmark tools that obtain their data from the database of FuelOffice via FuelPortal, are the shop dashboard of BOVAG/Foodstep and Lekkerland’s ‘Lekker op weg’ application.