Extendas FuelOffice

Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt


FuelPortal, the innovative cooperation platform for petrol station owners

With FuelPortal petrol station owners share back office data in exchange for valuable insights and synergistic advantages. This leads to higher profits for all participants

FuelPortal is new and unique to the world of petrol station owners. The cloud platform offers numerous possibilities for sharing and comparing back office data and linking with third parties. These range from wholesale suppliers to oil companies, industry associations and benchmark agencies. Participation in FuelPortal provides valuable insights, synergy benefits and increased efficiency for all participants in the petrol market.

Benchmark for petrol stations

By sharing your back office data you gain access to the aggregated data of all participants, via FuelPortal. This enables comparison with your own situation. If you wish, you can share your information on a purely anonymous basis. This benchmark enables better-informed decisions about your business, product range and pricing – as well as complete independence from your suppliers.

Various large organisations in the petrol market are directly connected to FuelPortal. This enabled the industry organisation, BOVAG, to develop a forecourt shop dashboard, in association with the Foodstep market research agency. This provides petrol station owners with information on the performance of individual product groups by comparing weekly turnovers with those of their competitors.

Wholesaler Lekkerland also offers its customers online access to aggregated data from back-office systems via FuelPortal. ‘Lekker op weg’ is an application participating petrol stations can use to improve their performance by means of a simple store check and online advice.

Another example is BP, which makes a variety of information on items and pricing available via FuelPortal. Connected service stations can send their orders directly via the cloud platform to HAVI, the logistics partner.

Price elasticity module

Organisations using FuelPortal also use applications other than sharing and comparing central office data. The platform is also used as the basis of an ingenious price elasticity module. This determines an optimal price, based on supply and demand. How far can you increase or decrease the product price before total sales decline? The purchase, inventory and sales data that the module needs to determine this are collected from the database of the FuelOffice ERP system.

Other examples of FuelPortal modules are shared recording of non-payers, joint purchasing and tailor-made loyalty programmes and promotion management. This all with the goal of increasing the professionalism of the industry.

FuelPortal also offers an online customer login designed to reflect the look & feel of your organisation. Petrol card holders can use it, for instance, to view their e-invoices.

Extension of the FuelOffice ERP system

The innovative FuelPortal collaboration platform is an indispensable extension of FuelOffice, the back-office system commonly used by petrol station owners of all sizes. In addition, the externally hosted software layer optimises data security and solves any local connection problems.

Integration of FuelPortal and FuelOffice delivers considerable benefits. It brings your flow of goods back under control and maintains the resulting margins. It is also enables you to increase customer loyalty.