Extendas FuelOffice

Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt

Inventory control

Less time and more convenience in managing item data

Finally more control over your inventory management. FuelOffice is the central back office system for petrol market inventory data and mutations

FuelOffice Inventory Control is powerful software that helps you conduct efficient and reliable administration. The system enables better insight into and control of the various types of entries, increasing the quality of your decision making. Additionally, your costs will be reduced.

Inventory Control is all about saving time via a comprehensive overview. Data entry is quick and needs only be done once. Any changes can be made at a central location in the system, which then forwards the mutations to every linked station. This means that any exceptions within your product range only have to be entered once. This product information is then always up to date and visible everywhere in the system, linked to ongoing access to its historical data.

The system can generate a so-called item message for every changed item number, This reports all individual mutations – for example price, EAN code (bar code) and item number. This information is valuable because it provides insight into mutations and the resulting journal entries. FuelOffice can also print the relevant shelf display material so that new product information is quickly available to customers. Do you have an electronic shelf labelling system? Our system can automatically adapt it. The system also supports the use of multiple bar codes for an article with various retail prices.

FuelOffice supports forecourt shop Logistics. Monitoring inventory and compiling orders is easier than ever. FuelOffice maintains your overview, even if you have multiple warehouses. The system allocates a warehouse code to each inventory mutation. It even facilitates purchase planning – with inventory level minimum and maximum values, optimal order levels, order algorithms and order advice support when purchasing.