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voor de petrolmarkt


Keep your accounts in order with FuelOffice

FuelOffice keeps your accounting in order. The back office system is easy, fast and intuitive and increases the efficiency of your financial resources.

FuelOffice Financial is an extremely powerful system for improving accounting efficiency. It is easy to use, fast and intuitive and increases the efficiency of your financial resources. You retain a simple overview of the most important financial components of your company: the general ledger, balance sheets and operating data.

The module uses extensive sub-ledgers for debtors and creditors. Business contacts in FuelOffice can be both client and supplier. Other contacts, such as staff members, are options as well. Outstanding accounts and history can be selected per contact. You can also generate payment reminders, payment orders and direct debits. In this regard FuelOffice complies with the new SEPA rules for harmonised Euro payments.

The system updates its information immediately after an entry is made. This means that your overview is always based on current data. Do your VAT returns cost your business a few hours of work, every time? With FuelOffice Financial your VAT return is done at the touch of a button.

Financial data is entered into the system in the same way as a journal entry. The journals are similar to the folders used to file incoming and outgoing invoices, bank statements and cash receipts. You can create an infinite number of journals and journal items.

Journal entries are automatically and immediately reflected in the general ledger. FuelOffice balances and records the balance per period. This enables quick access to a specific report without going through the entire general ledger. Ledger account numbers can be compressed, per group of account numbers. You create the ledger format yourself, meaning that you can often retain your existing format.

The system provides much space for additional information on items and suppliers. FuelOffice Financial highlights any differences between the final amount on an invoice and the total value calculated by the system. The module even provides payment proposals which you can, of course, modify. Approved payment proposals automatically generate payment instructions. These are easily linked to internet banking.

The Financial module integrates seamlessly with the Internet banking environment of all Dutch banks. FuelOffice ensures the correct processing of payments in your accounting.