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Business Intelligence

Get more out of your back office system with external BI tools

With FuelOffice petrol station owners can browse back office data. In addition to standard statistics the ERP system also links to external BI-tools

FuelOffice offers many opportunities for statistical analysis of the information in the database. In addition to the standard statistics generated by the system, you can also make use of external tools for business intelligence (BI). This facilitates browsing to your heart’s content in your financial administration, purchase and sales invoices and customer information.

FuelOffice offers some valuable standard statistical reports. They mainly deal with frequently-used key performance indicators (KPIs) at turnover level. Examples include the hundred best-selling products in the forecourt shop, a breakdown of sales by RWS (refueling, washing and shop) and a list of salespeople with the highest daily or monthly turnover. These standard statistics are available on four levels. This presents extensive, drill-down analysis opportunities.

For even deeper analysis one can also link information from the database to external BI tools such as those of Microstrategy and Qlikview. Such a link can, for example, give your organisation insight into information underlying your sales targets, such as the relationship between fuel sales and shop sales and trends relative to the previous and the next periods.

The link between FuelOffice and external BI applications takes place via a data warehouse, a near real-time copy of the production database. As a result the production of extensive reports never takes place at the cost of primary processes in the system. To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from such a link, Extendas provides support in the implementation and correct compilation of the reports.