Extendas FuelOffice

Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt

FuelOffice Oil

Oil dealers keep a grip on their business operations

Logistical, administrative and financial processes have never been so easy to manage as with FuelOffice Oil.

FuelOffice Oil is an integrated back office system for oil dealers without their own filling station(s). The system is an extension of FuelOffice Retail and FuelOffice Enterprise. These systems are used by individual service stations, clusters and oil companies.

With the ERP FuelOffice Oil package an oil dealer can manage logistical, administrative and financial processes centrally. The system includes functionalities that are especially important to the oil trade:

1: Tanker administration – a clear overview of your fleet, showing volumes transported by tanker and destination
2: Purchase and sales administration – flexible purchasing and sales formulas, Platts and Argus calculations, central management of fuel purchases and storage, and a central sales information system including average margins per customer
3: Route scheduling – comprehensive module to optimise tanker trips
4: Integration with on-board computers
5: Excise goods location (EGL) – management, planning and setting off of duty-free resale
6: Administration module for rental and packaging

The FuelOffice Retail modules are also available:
7: FuelOffice Relationship Management
8: FuelOffice Logistics
9: FuelOffice Sales
10: FuelOffice Financial

Innovative and versatile
FuelOffice Oil is an innovative and versatile package for enterprise resource planning (ERP). It was developed by Extendas, using state-of-the-art technology. The package runs on Microsoft Windows and uses Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Extendas offers FuelOffice Enterprise, an integrated back office system especially for oil companies, complex organisations with multiple legal entities, branches, warehouses, flow of goods and personnel administration. The system is also an extension of FuelOffice Retail, used by petrol businesses with less complex structures.