Niels Steenbekkers | eigenaar &-Shop | Kerkdriel

“Extendas iPad POS: works perfect!”

Niels Steenbekkers | owner &-Shop | Kerkdriel

When I took over this shop I immediately installed the IPAD-point of sale system of Extendas. It works perfect. The tablet, scanner and pin system replaced the whole old system of the shop. Everything is integrated with FuelOffice, the backoffice system. When a power outage emerged I still was able to sell, because all the articles are integrated on the IPAD. All information was synchronized afterwards. Another big advantage is the possibility to design the system to your own wishes. Extendas advises well en reacts quickly to questions therewith.

Extendas FuelOffice: the most powerful and user-friendly back office system in the petrol market. Everything is integrated, from supplier to customer in one package. It’s more efficient – and therefore more effective! FuelOffice is the most widely used software and has been market leader for years. This has been achieved as a result of combining stable and innovative solutions. FuelOffice removes concerns and increases confidence – a good foundation for success!

Extendas has been the leading developer of industry-specific software for the petrol market for the last twelve and a half years.