Extendas FuelOffice

Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt


Extendas is the innovative software company that helps businesses in the petrol market with their administrative, logistical and financial processes

Our mission is to relieve the workload of businesses in this dynamic industry – by process automation and chain integration. This ultimately leads to better efficiency and better service.

About Extendas

Our revolutionary approach to chain integration has made us the leading ERP supplier in the petrol market. More than 1,200 petrol stations and oil dealers use our FuelOffice back office system. In 2008, we launched FuelPortal. In recent years we have put our shoulders to the wheel in our latest challenge: the customer in your forecourt shop. This is the role of SPIN, Social Petrol INtelligence.
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Technological innovation is crucial to petrol station owners. Margins are becoming smaller and you therefore look for new channels in order to reach your customers in new ways and attract and retain them. Our SPIN platform is a good example of progress through innovation.
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We understand that your company and customer data is sacred. In no instance may the data end up in the hands of unauthorised persons. The FuelOffice back office system, the FuelPortal cloud platform and the innovative SPIN platform guarantee your peace of mind in this regard.
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We are a team of dedicated people. The team mainly consists of consultants, developers and support staff. We are regularly on the lookout for motivated people to strengthen our team.
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