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voor de petrolmarkt


Extendas SPIN is a good example of progress through innovation

The SPIN system is a good example of progress through innovation. The combination of trusted back office technology with mobile applications and social media differentiates us from other parties in the petrol market.

SPIN stands for Social Petrol INtelligence. This revolutionary software system completes the chain between your suppliers, petrol stations and the customer. At last! Because, although the electronic links between all participants in the market and petrol stations are now well organised, the most important link is still missing: the link to the customer in the shop.

Innovation is crucial to petrol station owners. Margins are becoming smaller and you therefore look for new channels in order to reach your customers in new ways and attract and retain them.

Multi-channel is the magic word. This starts with your customer’s smartphone and culminates in repeat visits to your forecourt shop. With an appealing, current and easy-to-use app you can even reach generation Y. The app can be used to make attractive customer offers which increase forecourt shop traffic and stimulate sales in the tank shop at the times you select. This can be done by means of a smart linking of the app with inventory information and sales history in the back office system.

The Extendas SPIN platform also uses an innovative cloud checkout system that works via an iPad. The iPad POS is linked to the SPIN Loyalty System. This easy-to-install checkout system carries important benefits for small and large petrol stations. You can, for example, use it for handling transactions at the bakery or car wash.