Maak van de iPad een
compleet POS systeem

& SPIN cloud platform

SPINpos iPad kassa voor petrol

iPad kassa voor petrol in rode houderiPad kassa voor petrol in gele houder

FuelOffice is UBL ready

Digitaal en eenvoudig facturen uitwisselen

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Elektronisch factureren

Simpel, Efficiënt en erg Rendabel


Loyalty & iBeacons

persoonlijke klantbenadering

anno nu

Extendas FuelOffice Oil

Het innovative backoffice systeem

voor oliehandelaren

en maatschappijen

Extendas FuelOffice

Het krachtigste backoffice systeem

voor de petrolmarkt


About Extendas

Chainintegration and more profit in the petrolmarket? Extendas helps

Extendas is the innovative software company that helps oil companies, gas stations and convenience stores in the petrol market with their administrative, logistical and financial processes. We relieve their burdens by simplifying the processes and by integration of the entire petrol chain.

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FuelOffice Oil

Logistical, administrative and financial processes have never been so easy

FuelOffice Oil is an integrated back office system for oil dealers without their own filling station(s). The system is an extension of FuelOffice Retail and FuelOffice Enterprise. These systems are used by individual service stations, clusters and oil companies.

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SPIN iPad POS: turns an iPad into a complete cash register

SPIN iPad POS is a revolutionary cloud system that works via an iPad. This easy-to-install point of sale system carries important benefits for both small and large gas stations.

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Petrol iBeacons

Send an interesting offer based on the location of the customer

What could be better than a keen offer, delivered at the exact moment that you pass the display of promoted products? With iBeacons, it’s possible. A promising innovation that can link to the SPIN POS platform.

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Offer your petrol station customers electronic invoicing

Never before has it been this easy to offer your gas station customers electronic invoicing. This can be achieved by using FuelPortal, the innovative cloud platform for the petrol market. e-Invoicing is much cheaper than invoicing on paper and much more secure than invoicing via email.

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SPIN Loyalty

Develop tailor-made loyalty programmes with SPIN loyalty

SPIN Loyalty is an important part of the brand new Social Petrol Intelligence Platform (SPIN). It is an innovative software platform that allows you to link valuable customer data to the back office. SPIN completes the chain between your suppliers, gas stations and the customer.

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