Koppeling contactloze betaaloplossingen met SPIN en FuelOffice

Contactless payment solution with SPIN and FuelOffice
27 June 2019 Ronald Huve

Cash is becoming less common in the shop and this trend will only show itself more in the coming years, also in other areas of fuel stations and car washes. By offering various payment options at coffee machines, for example, you remove barriers for customers who do not have cash. For example, contactless payment with a bank card via a Payter or a voucher scanner; this allows you to setup promotions in which you can offer your customers a free cup of coffee by means of a barcode or QR code on a receipt.

Data immediately available

Offering these payment solutions is now even more interesting; the cloud platform SPIN and the FuelOffice software can be directly linked to Payter, Connected Molecules and Charlie CoffeePay. Transactions appear directly in, for example, dashboards or daily statements, so manual entry or copying is a thing of the past.